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In safety, abatement is considered the ending of a hazard or safety issue.  For example, if a company is cited for lack of fall protection training, completion the training and providing necessary equipment would be considered abatement.  Whether a hazard is pointed out by OSHA in a citation or a safety professional in an inspection, abatement must be quick and effective.  Usually, programs or training are required for issues like fall protection and hazard communication.  Other times, testing is required to determine the necessary abatement.  We can help abate and provide the necessary documentation for all safety hazards and issues.




  • Company safety & health program development

  • Fall protection equipment and training

  • Personal Protective Equipment

Construction Engineer

  • Facility noise dosimetry testing

  • Qualitative irritant smoke fit testing for respiratory protection

Common Abatements


OSHA usually gives companies time to abate hazards.  Training can usually be scheduled within a week, and programs can be provided within 24-hours.


A qualified safety consultant will determine your abatement needs, based on the given requirements or applicable regulations.


Varies depending on abatement requirements.


Need more than one hazard or issue abated?  Discounts available.

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