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COVID-19/Coronavirus Safety Plan

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Sample Infectious Disease Preparedness & Response Plan

A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. A pandemic occurs when a new influenza, or other virus emerges for which there is little or no immunity in the human population, begins to cause serious illness and then spreads easily person-to-person worldwide. A worldwide pandemic could have a major effect on the global economy, including travel, trade, tourism, food, consumption and eventually, investment and financial markets. Planning for pandemic issues by business and industry is essential to minimize a pandemic's impact. Companies that provide critical infrastructure services, such as power and telecommunications, also have a special responsibility to plan for continued operation in a crisis and should plan accordingly. As with any catastrophe, having a contingency plan is essential.


Free Customizable Infectious Disease Preparedness & Response/Pandemic Plan


For the complete OSHA guide on coronavirus, click here.

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