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​Third-Party Auditing & Safety Program Submission


Many companies and general contractors are hiring third-party auditors to verify safety and health information of subcontractors.  These third-party companies, such as ISNetworld Review And Verification Process (RAVS®) and Avetta/PICS™,  require comprehensive safety and health program and training.  Some of their requirements are set by the contracting companies and may exceed normal safety standard requirements.  We have submitted and received approval on hundreds of our safety programs, and actively monitor and maintain approval status for dozens of companies.  We know how the submission and approval process works, we know how to gain exemptions, and we know how to keep you in compliance.

How it Works
  1.   Complete our questionnaire or speak one-on-one with a safety consultant to determine all the safety and health program and training requirements for your company

    • This includes all requirements by OSHA, state OSHA plans and company-set requirements

  2.   We generate all the required safety and health programs and create a company manual, complete with hard-copy binder and PDF electronic version for easy access.

  3.   We provide the required training with supporting documentation in-person or online via live, instructor-led training.

  4.   We monitor your account for any changing or updated requirements to maintain approval.   We can also communicate with the third-party auditors on your behalf for quicker approval or exemptions.


Health & Safety Program Development & Submission
Quick Approval and Long-Term Maintenance
Safety & Equipment Training, With Necessary Documentation
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