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2015 Safety Week


Many Roles, One Goal - Building Safety Together!

Every year, more than 80,000 workers suffer an injury on construction job sites across the

U.S. Any one incident is one too many. Life is too precious to not make safety the number one

focus in the U.S. construction industry.

That's why locally contractors throughout the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas have joined forces with

a single aim: to inspire everyone in the construction industry to be leaders in safety.

We know being safe every day on every job site crosses competitive boundaries. That's why we have

banded together to create and celebrate the second US Industry Safety Week, running this year from

Sunday May 3th to Saturday May 9th. This year Safety Week occurs simultaneously with OSHA and

NIOSH’s National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. As contractor events occur

through the week we encourage everyone not only to attend but to participate in these events. If your

projects haven’t made plans to recognize the week or you need more information or ideas for your

teams, please use the following links.

Link to Resources

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