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OSHA v. MOSH - Differences in Recordkeeping Regulations Explained

Federal AND Maryland Requirements

  • file a detailed report within eight hours of fatal workplace accidents.

  • file a report within 24 hours of severe on-the-job injuries that:

  • require hospitalization

  • require amputation

  • result in the loss of an eye

  • (regardless of business size)

Maryland-Specific Requirements

  • “An employee’s amputation” is replaced with “an employee’s amputation involving bone or cartilage loss”

  • OSHA defines an amputation as “the traumatic loss of all or part of a limb or other external body part. This would include medical resulting from irreparable damage; and of body parts that have since been reattached.”

  • MOSH does not require reporting of a fingertip amputation without bone loss, unless there is hospitalization

  • Report to the Commissioner an employment accident within 8 hours if there is a:

  • Fatality

  • Hospitalization of at least 3 employees (preempted by new federal regulations)

Effective in Maryland on January 2, 2017.

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