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Safety Notice from Genie

Date: July 21, 2017

Models Affected:

SX-150 - SX15015H-101 to 161 SX15016H-162 to 228 SX150H-500 to 501

SX-180 - SX18014-101 to 196 SX18015-197 to 313 SX18016-314 to 317 SX18016H-318 to 360 SX180H-600 to 602

Issue: Genie Industries has found that weld debris in the boom tubes could lead to premature and excessive wear of the upper wear pads. This excessive wear can lead to potential damage to the boom tubes and could cause the platform to drop.

Action(s) Required: 1. Locate the affected machines referenced above within your fleet. 2. Using the table below, order the appropriate kit to replace the wear pads on your machine. Model Kit PN SX-150 1280093GT SX-180 1280092GT

Completion of this Safety Notice must be done as soon as possible but no later than 30 days from receipt of the kit.

3. Fill out and sign the completion form included in this Safety Notice or attached to the installation instructions included in the kit and fax or email to Terex AWP Warranty Department. This will serve as verification that you have completed Safety Notice 170012.

Continued Use Instructions: All machine operators and users must be notified of these continued use requirements. The affected machines may remain in service until this Safety Notice is completed, provided that inspection for wear pads is included as part of the pre-operation inspections outlined in the machine's Operator's Manual.

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