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Silica Standard Checklist & Documents

OSHA began enforcing its new 1926.1153 Respirable Crystalline Silica (RSC) in Construction standard yesterday, October 23, after a month delay. Contact us to find out if you are exempt, or for assistance with updating your safety programs, creating your silica exposure control plan, and silica safety training.

Maryland has not yet adopted the new silica standard, but is expected to within a year.


□ Train Affected Employees

□ Create Silica Exposure Control Plan

□ Designate Competent Person

□ Update Safety Programs

□ Hazard Communication Program

□ Respiratory Protection Program

□ Housekeeping/Recordkeeping

□ Maintain Assessment Data

□ Maintain Employee Medical Records

□ Provide Medical Screenings (delayed)


Full Standard

Table 1 (List of Silica-Related Tools & Engineering Control Guidelines)

OSHA Quick Compliance Guide

SR Silica Guide


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