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Safety Resources Collaborates with Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce for COVID-19 Safety Webinar


"Understanding how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations apply to your workplace is a complex topic. The location, industry, size, and type of the workplace all matter. These intricacies were discussed on June 17, 2020, as Chuck Northam facilitated a Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce (SACC) webinar entitled “Understanding OSHA Guidelines for COVID-19 Workplace Safety.”

Northam is the Principal Consultant and Managing Partner of Safety Resources, LLC – a Maryland-based safety consulting firm specializing in workplace safety and OSHA compliance. He is experienced in all forms of OSHA compliance training and certification, citation, notification of penalties, and facilities inspection, among others."

  • By Cathy Diekmann, read full article here

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